New Perspectives in the Philological, Historical and Cultural Studies of EuraAsia: Basic Methods and Interdisciplinary Approaches

This interdisciplinary lecture will be taught jointly by researchers from different institutions and research fields involved in the Cluster of Excellence "Transformations in Eurasia". It analyses the Eurasian landmass over the last three millennia in terms of empires, belief systems, written cultures, trade relations, conceptions of space and communication. Doctoral students from the full range of philological, historical, cultural or linguistic disciplines with a focus on one of these themes are invited.

EurAsian Transformation © Collage v. D. Giesriegl (unter Verwendung von Claudius Ptolemy - The World, The Macedonian Empire, 336-323, Wikimedia Commons und Google Earth).

The seminar is open to all doctoral students in the fields of philology, history or cultural studies whose topics concern the cultural, written or material heritage of some aspect of EurAsia in the last three millennia.

Starting: 08.03.2024

Ending: 14.06.2024

Location: Apostelgasse 23, 1030 Vienna

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