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Unveiling the Hidden Threads of Ancient Tales: A Digital Exploration of Greek Migration Myths


In this conference, we will examine how local and regional mobilities contributed to the making of the wider Greek world.

08.03.2024 15:00

The cluster members will present their current research results in a poster session, aimed at facilitation exchange and discussion and generating...

27.02.2024 17:40

Portraits of Empires: Habsburg Albums from the German House in Ottoman Constantinople. In the late 16th century, hundreds of travelers made their way...


Assistant Professor of Historical Studies and Digital Humanities (f/m/d)

Application deadline: January 31, 2024


New Perspectives in the Philological, Historical and Cultural Studies of EuraAsia: Basic Methods and Interdisciplinary Approaches


Restless skies at the turn of the first Millennium AD. Climate fluctuations, astronomic phenomena and socio-political turbulences in 10th and 11th...

12.01.2024 12:00

An excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the Cluster, the resources and support available to help you excel in your academic pursiuts.

15.12.2023 09:30

Early Medieval Irrigation Systems in the Kathmandu Valley Evaluating lessons from the past for the future

Research Structure

The cluster pursues five main themes that resonate with current issues and debates:

  • Imperial Dynamics and their Limits
  • Ecological and Economic Transformations
  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Mobility and Migrations
  • Constructions of Identity and Difference

It is structured around three research nodes, which provide the overarching context within which project members pursue their research projects:

The cohesion between the Research Nodes is maintained through Six Transversal Working Groups:

  • Trans-Regional Conduits of Communication
  • Elite Multilinguality
  • Diversity, Identification and Distinction
  • Decentering Eurasian Empires and Geographies
  • Manuscript Studies
  • Impacts and Interpretations of Environmental Heritage