Farhad Ebrahimi Workshop

The Achaemenid-Persian Empire at its heyday?

The era between Darius II and Darius III

The last 100 years of the Achaemenid-Persian Empire are commonly described as a period of stagnation and decline. However, these traditional views have been challenged in recent years giving way to a more nuanced perspective on the history of the empire. The workshop follows this new line of research. It aims at reevaluating the period between the Great Kings Darius II and Darius III focussing on processes of transformation and change. This way, the workshop intends to further develop a critical approach on a broader and more interdisciplinary level. The proceedings will be published in an international series. 

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PSK (Eingang Große Kassenhalle) Besprechungsraum 4.A1 Georg-Coach-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna