Identities and Religions

Under Construction

Strategies of Identification and Distinction

External religious signs and their use in the construction and politics of religious identityNina Mirnig
Philosophical discourse, debate narratives and religious identification in late medieval South Asia (ca. 7th to 13th c CE)Birgit Kellner
Religious Identifications in Christian Europe and in Islamic countriesPavlí-na Rychterová
The Emergence of New Strategies of Identification in the Christianisation of EuropeWalter Pohl
The True Believer - Dynamics of Religious Identification in Central/Eastern Europe, 14th-18th centuryPavlí-na Rychterová
Religious Reforms of Mid-17th Century in Eastern and South-Eastern EuropeOliver Schmitt
Entangled Histories of Community- and Confession-Building in the Early ModernTijana Krstic
Muslimness under Non-Islamic Rule in Central Eurasia, 16th Century to the PresentPaolo Sartori

Diversity, Identity and Distinction in Late Antique and Medieval Europe - A Comparative Perspective

Dealing with Diversity in Late Antique and Early Medieval EuropeWalter Pohl
Resilient Identities and Distinctions in Eurasian comparisonWalter Pohl
Cross reading Narratives of Origins in early Medieval EurasiaDaniel Ziemann

Cultural Appropriation and Perceptions of the Other

Ancient Near Eastern Mental Maps, Greek Geographies, and the Conceptualisation of Afro-EurasiaRobert Rollinger
Body-Forming between Asianism and the Classical IdealErich Kistler
Fictionalising Asia: Stereotyped Notions of 'Oriental' Religions in Ancient Western SourcesIrene Madreiter
The Habsburgs and Asia: Projections of China in the 18th centuryLukas Nickel
The Habsburg Monarchy and its Perceptions of JapanUlrike Tanzer

Modern Identity Building and the Uses of the Past

Russia's global traditionalism and the heritage of Neo-Byzantinism: Uses of the past in contemporary Russian identity constructionsKristina Stöckel
Russian Perceptions of Europe and AsiaWolfgang Mueller
Historiographies of Early Modern Southeastern Europe, 16th to the 18th centuries'Oliver Schmitt
Claiming the Classical Naoise Mac Sweeney