The Mediterranean, Mental Mapping and Historical Contexts: a longue-durée perspective

The conference will follow and reconstruct the essential steps and developments in the creation of this new worldview that can be characterized as a major heritage of the ancient Near East towards our times.

Ring Lecture

Nordic Perspectives on Russia

The lecture series focuses on the long lines in the history of Nordic-Russian relations between conflict and coexistence.

International Conference

Regional Mobilities and the Making of the Ancient Greek World

The conference will showcase the results of MIGMAG work in five case study regions, but also bring to fore the research of colleggues working in other regions. 

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Poster Session

The cluster members will present their current research results in a poster session, aimed at facilitation exchange and discussion and generating interest among researchers. All interested parties are cordially invited to attend.

Location: Aula am Campus, Hof 1.11

Additional information will follow.

Book Launch

Portraits of Empires: Habsburg Albums from the German House in Ottoman Constantinople

In the late 16th century, hundreds of travelers made their way to Habsburg ambassador's residence, known as the German House, in Constantinople. In this centrally located inn, subjects of the emperor found food, wine, shelter, and good company - and left an incredible collection of albums filled with images, messages, decorated papers, and more.

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For Students

Student Orientation Event

The board members Melanie Malzahn (University of Vienna) and Tijana Krstić (Central European University), provided an opportunity for students to learn more about the Cluster's resources and support, and how these can help them excel in their academic pursuits.

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International Workshop

Early Medieval Irrigation Systems in the Kathmandu Valley Evaluating lessons from the past for the future

Time: 15-16 December, 2023

Venue: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Seminar room 4A.2, 4th floor, Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna

Organization: Nina Mirnig (IKGA); Robin Coningham (UNESCO Chair, Durham University)



On languages and scripts in the Ottoman Levant

The case of Frangochiotika

Date: Thursday December 14, 2023

Location: Athens



Farhad Ebrahimi Workshop

The Achaemenid-Persian Empire at its heyday? The era between Darius II and Darius III

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Ring Lecture

Leading researchers from the Cluster of Excellence presented a series of lectures exploring the rich history of Eurasia over the past 3,000 years. The attendees delved into essential subjects, techniques, and hypotheses that shed light on this vast continent's complex tapestry of cultures, innovations, and stories that continue to resonate through the ages.

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Kick-off Event

Members of the Cluster of Excellence "EurAsian Transformations" aimed to showcase the Cluster by exploring the histories of selected representative objects.

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