Geographies of Power

Under Construction

Ecologies and Economies of Power

Climate and socio-economic change between the global and the local in the longue duréeJohannes Preiser-Kapeller
Nature, Environments and Societies in Ottoman and Turkish sourcesYavuz Köse
Silver Circulation from Anatolia across Mesopotamia into Central Asia and China from the 2nd Millennium BCE until about 200 CE: Structures and AgentsMichael Jursa
Through the Lens of Coercion. Reassessing Medieval Labour and Power RelationsJuliane Schiel

Imperial Dynamics, Borderlands and Resistance

Reconsidering the borderlands of the Achaemenid Persian empireRobert Rollinger
Metropolitan hotspots of inter-imperial communication: Material evidence from ChinaLukas Nickel
Empires and the Eurasian Steppe: Shifting BorderlandsWalter Pohl
Indic transregional practices of power and religion in frontier regionsNina Mirnig

Western Eurasia and Empire

EurAsian Central Europe- between the Habsburg and Ottoman empiresRobyn Dora Radway
The Idea of Empire and the Slavs, 860-1989Pavlí-na Rychterová
Political and Religious Imagination of the Ottoman Slavs in the Confessional AgeTijana Krstic
Agencies and Space in Imperial Borderlands: Ottoman Transformation of the Balkans (14th-16th Century)Oliver Schmitt
Diplomacy Within and Between Empires: Russian-Ottoman Entanglements in the Age of Peter the GreatJan Hennings